Who Does What?

There is a perfect alignment of people and tasks in the hypothetical Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) project. It is in this project that neither dollars nor labor categories are restricted.

However most projects are in the real and not the hypothetical world. Real world projects tend to have dollar, labor category and labor hour restrictions. And like the hypothetical project they tend to have unrestricted tasks.

The first group below contains a listing of the numerous recommended tasks and the second group contains a listing of possible labor categories. The third group contains a listing of possible labor hour groupings. As the future IV&V project manager, you must identify which tasks belongs to which labor categories and the labor hour groupings for each labor category.

All tasks must be assigned to a labor category but not all labor categories must be connected to a task.  Correct assignments are those that will work for your project. After that you can decide which tasks occur in which phases of the development life-cycle.


Identify IV&V Process Improvement Opportunities
Review/Identify Criticality Analysis
Provide Support to Management and Technical Reviews
Scope the IV&V Effort
Review System/Software/User Requirements
Generate the IV&V Plan
Generate the IV&V Task Reports
Review System/Software Architectural Documents
Review System/Software Design Documents
Review System/Software Qualification Test Documents
Review System/Software Acceptance Test Documents
Witness System/Software Testing
Generate IV&V Test Documentation
Review Project Management Documentation
Review Automation Tests
Review Test Processes
Review Support Processes

Labor Categories:
Technical Writer
Software Engineer
Software Tester
Automation Software Engineer
System/Software Analyst
IV&V Specialist
Data Analyst
Quality Assurance Analyst

Labor Hour Groupings:
Full-time Employee
Part-time Employee
Casual/As needed Employee
Consultant/Specific Task

The tasks listed above are based on the many recommended and optional tasks identified in IEEE Std. 1012.  The IV&V Group® is proud that its president and CEO has for many years been an active participant of the IEEE 1012 Working Group as well as related working groups.

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