Which Door Will You Choose?

You may have seen the television program where the contestant had a chance to walk away with a GRAND prize but only if they opened the right door. For most contestants the door they selected revealed a small and rather minor prize. For the very few who selected the correct door, the prize ranged from a 2 weeks all expenses paid vacation at a luxury resort to a fully paid luxury automobile. For the others, well,  they did not appear very excited by what they found behind the other doors.

You want to be excited when you secure the services of a company providing independent verification and validation services and do not want to rely on opening the correct door. You will be excited when you encounter a company that provides staff who identify as mid- and senior-level IV&V specialists.

These IV&V specialists will have strong working knowledge of:

  • Products and processes required throughout the software/system engineering life cycle.
  • Consensus standards (required by OMB A-119).
  • IEEE Std. 1012-2016 (IEEE Standard for System, Software, and Hardware Verification and Validation).

In addition they are likely to be certified by a professional organization such as the IEEE Computer Society and hold the Professional Software Engineering Master Certification or the Professional Software Developer Certification.  Or they may be certified by the ASQ (American Society for Quality)  and hold the Certified Software Quality Engineer certification.

By selecting The IV&V Group® you will be excited and your expectations will be exceeded because that is what we do.  Contact us.

Eva freund
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