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The IV&V Group® focuses on one core competency – independent verification and validation (IV&V).  From a single critical process or critical document to a multi-year effort we guarantee our results.

Our IV&V services range from the establishment of enterprise-level capability within an organization to the execution of assessments that support IT Portfolio Management and organizational system development efforts.

Our taxonomy of  IV&V services  identifies activities that take place within each of the categories.  Whether you need IV&V for your long-term development effort or only for critical documentation or critical processes, we are available to support you. To learn what is involved in our assessment of a single critical document or a single critical process download the descriptions shown at the bottom of this page.  Our standards-based methodology provides the objective evidence you need to enhance the results of your development life cycle.



While many organizations may be aware of the need to support IT system/software engineering, a surprising number never assess supporting documentation.  The IV&V Group understands the relationship of the Statement of Need, Project Management Plan, Software Quality Assurance Plan, and Configuration, Management Plan to the success of the engineering and development effort.

When necessary, we will be the voice telling you that you are/are not ready to move to the next level.



System requirements are the foundation of system/software development, yet inadequate attention may be paid to verifying the quality of the requirements prior to designing the implementation of the system/software.  A thorough evaluation of the system requirements mitigates the risk of creating poor software and interface requirements.  Throughout the engineering process, The IV&V Group provides objective evidence with its knowledgeable recommendation to accept or reject the product.



Depending on the complexity of the system and its integrity level there may be multiple levels and multiple iterations of testing which may be executed by a separate test group or by the developer.  To ensure the veracity of the test process The IV&V Group may witness the testing performed by others or may support user acceptance test.  Testing will determine if system, software, and interface requirements have been satisfied.  The IV&V Group will identify the results along with the document evaluations to determine if the system, when operational, will meet the business needs of the organization.



The IV&V Group reviews are tailored to the relevant system development life cycle phase and scaled according to the complexity of the system and its identified  integrity level.  From the configuration management and risk management processes to the management process The IV&V Group will identify the weaknesses that may impede the IT project.   By integrating our expertise with your current framework The IV&V Group identifies areas for improvement.



The larger or more complex the project the more important it is that approved processes and procedures are implemented.  The IV&V Group will assess your draft or approved processes and procedures.  We have the unique ability to provide critical independent verification and validation support to a wide range of processes ranging from configuration management and test to CPIC and EVMS.



In addition to our downloadable publications shown below we will shortly have a number of webinars that further explain how our IV&V services can benefit you whether you are an acquirer or a vendor of software intensive systems.



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