The Project Model for Implementing OMB Circular A-119(R)

The IV&V Group®  has identified four models to  implement the OMB directive to use voluntary consensus standards (Circular A-119).  Last month we examined the Directive Model and in this blog we will examine the Project Model. This model is ideal for transitioning the organization to using voluntary consensus standards because it uses a highly visible project to learn from and improve the implementation process.

The project manager determines that this highly visible project will be using voluntary consensus standards such as ISO, IEEE, and ANSI. In addition the project may use standards and guidelines from applicable regulatory agencies such as NIST, FDA, FAA or NRC. The project manager is then responsible for securing the necessary standards. These might include standards for requirements, design and test documents as well as standards for the configuration management and quality assurance processes and those respective plans.

Using a single project reduces the potential impact that an ill-planned implementation would have across the entire organization. The Project Model allows for the validation of the concept and it provides a feedback mechanism that enhances the implemention across all IT projects. Using the Project Model enhances the likelihood of buy-from all stakeholders.

While the model project is using voluntary consensus standards other IT projects within the organization may not be doing so. This delays the use of voluntary consensus standards by all IT projects throughout the organization. The delay maybe more than offset by the buy-in by stakeholders when they experience the success of the pilot project.

In coming months the Consensus and Hybrid Models will be described.

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