The new IEEE Std. 1012 is the largest standard offered by IEEE and may soon be available through ISO.  It is considered to be the most popular IEEE standard and it has been purchased by persons around the globe.

This version of the standard is a revision to IEEE Std. 1012-2012. It contains no new verification and validation (v&v) tasks other than to address new or modified processes from ISO/IEC/IEEE 15288:2015. Conformance of IEEE Std. 1012-2016 to v&v clauses of 15288 can be readily determined.  The following key concepts are emphasized in the 1012-2016 standard:

  • Integrity levels. Levels to describe the importance of the system, software, and hardware.
  • Minimum V&V tasks for each integrity level.
  • Optional V&V tasks for tailoring the V&V effort to the project.
  • Intensity and rigor applied to V&V tasks.
  • Detailed criteria for completeness of V&V tasks.
  • System viewpoints. Includes minimum software and hardware V&V tasks to address system issues.
  • Conformance to international and IEEE standards.

This new revision contains four stand-alone major sections. Having stand-alone sections allows the user to read only the material that she/he/they find most useful. First is an initial section that contains those V&V tasks that are common to system, software and hardware projects. Following this initial section are those sections for system, software and hardware. Within each of the sections the user will find both detailed text and look-up tables. The detailed text is most useful for beginners as it provides textbook level information. The tables are primarily for refreshing one’s memory and are especially useful for those with significant V&V experience.

The IV&V Group®  participated in the development of this new standard and prides itself in executing V&V tasks in accordance with IEEE Std. 1012-2016.  We look forward to supporting  your verification and validation requirements.  Contact us.

If your public or corporate library does not have a copy of this or any other standard it can be purchased from TechStreet.


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