The New IEEE 1012 Is Almost Here.

A new and updated version of IEEE Std 1012, IEEE Standard for System, Software  and Hardware Verification and  Validation will soon be available for purchase from IEEE (anticipate early 2017 publication). This is a greatly enhanced version.  Here are just some of the value-added elements:

  • Criteria for task execution
  • Everything in one place
  • Stand-alone sections
  • Mapping to related standards
  • Use one section or  multiple sections
  • Tutorial text for beginner practitioners
  • Referral tables for experienced practitioners
  • Informative text for alternative applications

As soon as it is available for purchase, Eva Freund, CEO of the IV&V Group® and a member of the IEEE P1012 working group, will present a webinar discussing the features and uses of the enhanced standard.  This webinar will be sponsored by ASQ.