“Eva’s (The IV&V Group) understanding of the IV&V process and the IEEE standards supporting it are

peerless. She has a great deal of initiative, often identifying projects that she could help support, and

her attention to detail is remarkable. If you need an authority on IV&V or the iEEE standards

associated with it, Eva’s a top-notch choice!”

 Karen Stanford, Project Manager

G&B Solutions, Inc.



“Eva (The IV&V Group) truly functions as the eyes and ears of senior management … Federal and

contractor staff has immense respect and deep appreciation of her breadth of expertise, her

knowledge of applicable standards and government regulations and guidelines.”

James Szymanski, Former CIO

Office of Inspector General, US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development

“The keys for me are budget and schedule … that is what I worry about most and why I use IV&V (and

The IV&V Group).”

Linda Berdine, CEO and President

G&B Solutions, Inc.

“Eva Freund (The IV&V Group) is the best in her field of all the people I (have) worked with.”

Rick Brunner, Founder

Sunrise Solutions of America, LLC

“Eva’s (The IV&V Group) knowledge of the IEEE Suite of Standards and SEI’s process improvement

techniques was instrumental in forming the design of the IV&V program for NARA’s ERA project … her

reviews were a major asset in the selection of the implementation contractor.”

Lou Pinto, Technical Director-IV&V

American Systems Corp.

“IV&V, when judiciously applied and effectively executed (by the IV&V Group), can serve to reduce

overall project exposure and play a prominent role as a risk management strategy.”

Larry Toth, Risk Manager

Sealift Program Office