IV&V as a Service?

Private industry and government agencies share the need to create more with less money. One way they are filling this need is by taking advantage of technology that provides platforms, operating systems and software applications “as a service.” This allows them to pay only for what they actually use for as long as they actually use it.

Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) is a system engineering service that might lend itself to the “as a service” concept. There are two possible ways IV&V might become a service.

First: a company or an agency might pay for the use of form that allows them to do their own verification and validation (V&V) analysis. The form would provide the requisite criteria for the specific artifact (e.g., a requirements document). The IV&V Group® uses forms based on the requisite IEEE Standard.

Second: the service actually provided by IV&V is the task report that details the information garnered from the assessment of a process or a document. The task report may also detail the results of a special study that was performed. Payment would be made only when a report was received.

Imagine that  as a decision-maker only have to send the artifact (e.g., Test Plan) to an email address. Within the agreed upon number of days you receive the IV&V Task Report via your email or your Drop Box. When you need information about the adequacy of the development or integration contractors and a deliverable  that is the time to turn to IV&V. When you want to know whether or not the project should continue to the next phase (e.g, test or production) that is when you need IV&V.

If you select The IV&V Group®,  you can trust that the assessment and the report will be in accordance with IEEE or another voluntary consensus standard. You can also trust that the assessment and the report will be completed by credentialed senior level staff who helped write many of the requisite standards.