From Inside an IEEE Working Group

My name is Eva Freund.  As President and CEO, of  The IV&V Group® I pride myself on knowing the IEEE Standards that are relative to system and software engineering.  I have gained my knowledge by participating in multiple IEEE Standards Working Groups.  These are the groups responsible for developing or updating the various IEEE Standards and they are comprised of from 6-60 individuals who have applicable work experience.  Our company also uses these standards with every client through our proprietary standards-based methodology.


“What is is like to participate in a Working Group?”  This is a question I have been frequently asked and I have attempted to answer this question by describing my experiences  in the current issue of Software Quality Professional (SQP) in  an article entitled “An Insider View of An IEEE Standards Working Group.”  The article describes the different cultures and dynamics of three different Working Groups —  the P829 (Software and System Test Documentation) Working Group, the P730 (Software Quality Assurance) Working Group and the P1012(System and Software Verification and Validation) Working Group.

You decide whether you want to be an active or a passive participant.  Try it.  You’ll like it.