National ArchivesRequired was a new and advanced technology system to receive, preserve, and provide access to all electronic records for which the agency was responsible regardless of the format of the record or the software or hardware on which it was developed.  Thus was the Electronic Records Archive system conceived, designed, and developed.


Project Objectives

  • Implement an electronic record archive system capable of storing petrabytes of diverse date regardless of the software or hardware on which it was created and reconstruct the data in its original form if needed

IV&V Activities

  • Verifed PMO and contractor documentation
  • Verified Statement of Work and Technical sections of Request for Proposal
  • Supported source selection

Benefits of Using IV&V

  • Improved project management
  • Improved acquisition documents process
  • Improved source selection process
  • Insured documentation conformed to NIST and voluntary consensus standards (OMB mandate)
  • Early insight into performance issues
  • Reduced software development risk