Better than Hope!

Do not hope that your software or system project and its related documentation are on track. Do not wait until your software or system project fails in the test phase to learn that it has not been on track. Instead trust independent verification and validation (IV&V) to provide continuous objective evidence as to the status of your project.

IV&V is supportive of projects using an agile methodology as well as projects using more traditional methodologies. Agile with its philosophy of “build a little, test a little” has iterative/continuous development phases whereas more traditional methodologies have a range from single to multiple development phases. Additionally not all industries or organizations have the same development phases.

Yet virtually all methodologies, industries and organizations have some form of the following:

  • Design
  • Requirements
  • Code/Construction
  • Qualification Test
  • Acceptance Test
  • Installation and Checkout

IV&V may be called upon to assess the processes and documentation inherent in each phase.  By assessing these against applicable voluntary consensus standards (e.g., IEEE and  ISO) IV&V provides objective evidence of the efficacy of each.

Poorly defined requirements will result in inadequate design and code.  Inadequate code will not pass qualification test and inadequate design will not pass acceptance test. You do not want to find out your software or system is not adequate after spending a significant amount of time and money.

By having The IV&V Group®  as your partner you will always receive a detailed task report describing the work that was accomplished and the findings from our completing that task.  These reports are valuable for you in assessing the status of the software project and for deciding whether to go to the next phase.

With The IV&V Group® as your partner you will have someone who knows the content and the intent of the relevant standards because its President, Eva Freund,  has participated in the development of the relevant IEEE Standards.

It is time to replace hope with objective evidence.  It is time for IV&V.  It is time to contact the experts.

Eva freund
[email protected]