Alias for IV&V

While any brand of a 3-prong plug will fit into a 3-prong outlet (assuming both are for the USA market) and USB plugs and ports are standardized so that any mini-USB plug will fit any mini-USB port regardless of the manufacturer, it is amazing to find that there is no standard definition of Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V). Even the Body of Knowledge (BOK) of two key professional organizations differ in their definitions of IV&V.

For example, the ASQ Certified Software Quality Engineer (CSQE) BOK describes verification and validation as consisting solely of test related methodology and tasks while the IEEE Systems Engineering (SE) BOK defines verification as checking the correctness of any element (product or service) and and defines validation as checking whether the correct problem is being worked on.

In both private industry and the public sector there is rampant disagreement as to what it means to execute IV&V. Even within the confines of agencies within the Federal Government there is disagreement as to what it means to implement IV&V. Some agencies expect that IV&V will strictly follow those activities and tasks specified by IEEE Std. 1012 while other agencies appear to believe that any tasks executed by a non-government person constitutes IV&V. The IV&V Group© has read some Requests for Proposal (RFP) that stated the Federal Government/the agency does not adhere to IEEE Std. 1012.

The IV&V Group® has performed IV&V tasks within the parameters of IEEE Std. 1012 and implemented activities not typically associated with those described by IEEE Std. 1012. Those most frequently associated with the 1012 standard include requirements analysis, document verification and test witnessing. Those not described by the 1012 standard include developing templates for engineering related documents, creating a SharePoint-based test tool and preparing a slide show to orient and train users in the use of a significant software application upgrade.

The IV&V Group®  is prepared to support you in your IV&V efforts and we always recommend that you allow us to support you with our IEEE Std. 1012 based processes.  Contact us.